Hi TSS, That's really cool! What you found seems to be the source code for the forum post. That's the language that the computer program which runs the forum software uses. There are many kinds of languages, some popular ones of which are Javascript, C++, Python, etc., and some of the code in your screenshot seems to be from the language Markdown. You can even type Markdown code into your forum posts! This can allow you to make big font, like this: Big font and another language called Latex will allow you to write math symbols, like this: \( \frac{ \pi}{2} \) Here's a quick guide on some common Markdown commands and how to use them. Also, if you're interested in learning how to type math, try this short guide. Also, did you know that you can view the page source code of any website that you are browsing? Just right-click and you'll get a menu pop up like this: Click on "View page source," and try to guess what language the code is written in! Happy Learning, The Daily Challenge Team