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    "Two distinct even positive integers sum to 8. Determine the larger of these two integers."
    This question is from Module 0 Week 1 Challenge. The correct answer is 6 but I wrote 8. I googled it but they say zero is even. Is zero really even??

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    @energizeddog 0 is not a positive integer

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    I think 0 is even think. Here are the odd an even to 10. odd: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. There are 5 odds. even: 2, 4, 6, 8. only 4. Plus zero would be 5.

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    The parity of zero: The easiest way to prove that 0 is an even number:Check whether 0 meets the definition of an even number: if a number is an integer multiple of 2, then it is an even number. Since 0=0×2, 0 is an even number. In addition, 0 also satisfies all the properties of even numbers 0 is divisible by 2; the two integers adjacent to 0 are all odd numbers; 0 can be divided into two equal parts. 0 also satisfies some other models constructed from even numbers, such as some parity rules in arithmetic operations: even number-even number = even number. .

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    @energizeddog Yup, it might seem weird to think about, but everything that @Legendaryboy991, @wisemacaw , and @modestwallaby are correct. 0 is an even number because it divides evenly into 2. \(\frac02=0\), which is a whole number, so 0 is even! All odd numbers are odd because they don't divide evenly into 2.

    So, although 0 is even, the pair that the question is looking for is still 2 and 6 since 0 is not positive. 0 is neither positive nor negative! A lot of problems will include words like "positive" and "nonnegative", so be careful when reading the questions in the future 🙂

    Note: can you tell me what the difference between "positive" and "nonnegative" is?

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    @quacker88 So if zero is neither positive nor negative, nonnegative means that a number is not negative, but 0 is not negative too! That means that nonnegative is all of the positive numbers PLUS zero itself, and positive just means all of the positive numbers but it does NOT include zero itself. So is all of that correct?

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    The number zero is neither positive nor negative. Positive and negative numbers are sometimes called signed numbers.