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    In honour of Prof Loh:

    • Bananas are actually berries that grow on herbs.
    • The inside of a banana peel helps relieve itching and inflammation.
    • Bananas can float in water as about 75% of it is water. πŸ’¦
    • Humans share about 50% DNA with bananas. 🧬
    • The scientific name of a banana, musa sapientum, means β€œfruit of the wise man”. πŸ”¬ 🧐
    • The originally preferred type of bananas, Gros Michel, became extinct in 1960 because of a fungus called Panama Disease. πŸ‡΅πŸ‡¦
    • The Ugandan word, matooke, means both β€œbanana” and β€œfood”. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬
    • In Ecuador, people eat on average 99 kg (218 pounds) of bananas per person per year. πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¨
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    Post your banana facts below! 🍌

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    @RZ923 Bananas have a lot of potassium. πŸ™‚

    The sodium-potassium pumps in the cell membranes of every cell in our body pump potassium ions in one direction, and sodium atoms in the other direction. So, the next time you eat too much salt in the form of chips or pretzels, just eat a few more bananas! 🍌

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    bananas used to be poisonous, before they were cultivated!

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    So saying I'm about half banana is technically right. All I needed guys, all I needed

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    @RZ923 More banana facts!!! 🍌 πŸ˜‰

    • The banana is actually classified as a berry.
    • Some cultures (most notably Japan) use the fiber in the banana plant to make fabric and sometimes even paper.
    • (this is not really related about bananas but-)The fastest marathon ever run by a competitor dressed as a fruit was 2 hours, 58 minutes, and 20 secondsβ€”recorded at the Barcelona Marathon on March 6, 2011. The runner was Patrick Wightman from the United Kingdom, who dressed as a banana.
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    BANANA STATISTICS!!!!!!!!! 😜 🍌 🍌

    More than 100 billion bananas are eaten every year in the world, making them the fourth most popular agricultural product.

    Americans eat an average of 27 pounds of bananas per person every year.

    More than 96 percent of American households buy bananas at least once a month.

    51 percent of bananas are eaten for breakfast at home.

    The highest average per capita consumption of bananas in the world is in Ecuador, where residents eat an average of 218 pounds of bananas per person every year.

    India produces more bananas than any other country on the planet, accounting for about 28 percent of the worldwide crop. (China is number two, with ten percent.)

    A man in India once ate 81 bananas in a half hour.

    More songs have been written about bananas than about any other fruit.

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    @sqwishy said in Banana Facts 🍌:

    A man in India once ate 81 bananas in a half hour.

    Maybe they were mini bananas?

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    @divinedolphin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIiZ3vvZ78s 🍌 🍌 🎡

    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone
    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone
    I've got this feeling, so appealing
    For us to Get together and sing. Sing!
    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone
    Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding donana phone
    It grows in bunches, I've got my hunches
    It's the best! Beats the rest
    Cellular, modular, interactivodular
    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone
    Ping pong ping pong ping pong ping panana phone
    It's no Bologna, it ain't a phony
    My cellular bananular phone
    Don't need quarters, don't need dimes
    To call a friend of mine
    Don't need coomputer or TV
    To have a real good time!
    I'll call for pizza. I'll call my cat
    I'll call the white house, have a chat
    I'll place a call around the world, operator get me Bejing-jing-jing-jing
    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone
    Yin yang yin yang yin yang ying yonana phone
    It's a real live mama and papa phone
    A brother and sister and a dogaphone
    A grandpa phone and a grandma phone too! Oh Yeah!
    My cellular, bananular phone!
    Banana phone, ring ring ring
    (It's a phone with appeal)
    Banana phone, ring ring ring
    (Now you can have your phone and eat it too)
    Banana phone, ring ring ring
    (This song drives me, Bananas)
    Banana phone, ring ring ring
    Source: LyricFind
    Songwriters: Raffi Cavoukian / Michael Creber
    Bananaphone lyrics Β© Sodrac, The Bicycle Music Company

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    For a long time I thought she was singing β€œbanana 🍌 oohnana”... πŸ˜‚

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    @RZ923 oh lol πŸ˜‚

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    oh wow...