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    Link to the question/solution

    In the solution, how is it that

    $$\frac{1}{4} $$

    of the pizza remains? Also, can someone please explain the solution to me (I think the answer is NO, as I got 6)? Thanks 🙂

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    @responsibleraccoon Basically, we're trying to figure out how much of the pizza is left after Alice eats 2/3 of it, and Bob eats 1/4 of the remaining.

    First, Alice eats 2/3 of the pizza-- this means that there is 1 - 2/3 = 1/3 of the pizza left. Of that 1/3 pizza (the "leftovers"), Bob eats 1/4 of it. That means, Bob eats (1/4) * (1/3) = 1/12 of the whole pizza.

    Now, we can figure out the amount left after both Alice and Bob ate the pizza-- since Alice ate 2/3 of the whole pizza, and Bob ate 1/12 of the whole pizza, together they ate 2/3 + 1/12 = 8/12 + 1/12 = 9/12 = 3/4 of the whole pizza, leaving 1/4 of the pizza left.

    So you would be correct that the answer is "no" here 🙂

    Hope this helped, and let me know if I could clarify any part of it!

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    @audrey Thank you for the awesome explanation! 😃

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    @aaronhma No problem! 😄