• We would like to introduce you all to the first PhiMC! PhiMC (or Phi Math Contest) is a 25 question math contest, that will be taken online on Google Forms (with the help of Quilgo). This contest will be available on March 1st (9 AM PST) and will end on March 3rd (4 PM PST). The questions are written answers(no multiple choice).
    Problem Writers:
    a. ihatemath123
    b. GammaZero
    c. Math4Life2020
    d. Mathelete0825
    e. Dr.Mathematics

    Competition Advisor:
    a. Dr.Mathematics

    Who is this aimed at, and what level is this contest?
    This contest will go from Early AMC 8 to Mid AMC 10!

    Individual Round: Isaac Newton Individual Round
    Team/Relay Round: Ramanujan Relay/Team Round (Maximum of 3 people)
    Tiebreaker: Terrance Tao Tiebreaker Round
    Please sign up for the team round by completing the assignment in Google Classroom!


    This math contest will allow middle-school and elementary students to gain experience with math contests. The cost of this contest is FREE.

    In order to participate in both the team and the individual rounds, please join the google classroom link: https://classroom.google.com/c/MjY1MzU2NTg4MTA2?cjc=cb7en6j
    Our website is: https://sites.google.com/view/phimc
    Here is the offical Invite Link: https://discord.gg/nZ6Jr85B