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    NOVID is the only app that really works right now, not to mention the only app that can alert you before you get exposed. Let's hope that the word can spread! 🙂


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    What Novid really needs now is publicity. The autocorrect still recognises "Novid" as not-a-word, and when I search "why is novid good" Google autocorrects it to "why is covid good" 😲
    Also maybe it's because there are so many apps' names has something to do with "Novid", like the steel company Prof Loh mentioned and a Georgian app named "Novid20".

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    @RZ923 You are right. It would be great to get more publicity. The NOVID team has hired people dedicated to this task, but alas, there is a lot of entrenched bias towards big-name companies which have also put out their own apps. People think, "Why do we need NOVID if there are already other more famous apps out there?" We'll just have to wait until it becomes more clear that NOVID is the only app that accurately senses distance and can predict exposure. ⌚ ⌚