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    It doesn't let you see what your answer was compared to the right one. I guess you could look towards the end of the explanation but I'd like to see the differences and I insta-delete any test answers/ almost all question from my mind after I take a test lol

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    @The-Blade-Dancer Oh, did you see the "Review Results" button at the bottom of the screen that shows your score...? Clicking on this button will show you the page that has your answers and the solutions. 🙂


    If you missed that button and close the window by accident, don't worry, you can also review your results by clicking a link that is emailed to you.

    The email would look like this in your inbox:


    And inside that email would be a link that opens a browser window displaying your score and the "Review Results" button again.


    Could you please try checking your email to see if you got the link? If you really still can't get your results, then there is still a way I can get them to you. 🙂