COVID Livestream Today at 5:20 p.m. EST!

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    Do you want to know the facts behind contact-tracing and its potential? 📱

    Do you want to know more about feasible ways to mitigate the pandemic? ➕

    Are you interested in hearing about Prof. Loh's insights gleaned from working on his contact-tracing app, NOVID?

    In lieu of Prof. Loh's Putnam class livestream, he will do a talk about COVID-19 today instead! Hope to see you there! 🙂 (I'll be there, moderating the chat)

    From his website,

    This is Community Engagement Day at CMU, with no classes. Instead of my usual Putnam class, I'll use my normal Zoom class link and YouTube live stream to talk about the math and science behind NOVID which we are now using at CMU. If you're a student (CMU, other college, or high school) or a teacher, and are interested, you're welcome to join. Indeed, if you're a high school math contest student and want to find ways to reopen school safely, this could be up your alley.

    I'll explain how our fundamentally different approach of giving everyone a personal COVID radar is based on network theory, and is much much more powerful than every other app to date. It could have as profound an impact on pandemics as ordinary radar did on modern warfare.

    This is inspired by the fact that after giving some of my previous talks to individual high school groups, math team students self-organized to bring NOVID to their district. Since the heart of NOVID is a mathematical insight, if you're on a math team and would like to play a part in bringing your school back to normal, you're very welcome to join.

    Read Prof. Loh's technical paper all about contact-tracing and how to fight COVID-19: