Why do the two triangles have the same height?

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    @CoherentMango Thanks for asking! 🙂 This is true whenever you have two triangles that share a baseline and a common vertex that meets the altitude. I've colored the baseline \(\textcolor{red}{\text{ red }} \) below. The common vertex is labeled \( A.\)

    The obtuse \(\textcolor{purple}{\text{ purple }} \) triangle has an altitude which is perpendicular to the baseline, emanating from point \(A,\) shown as the dotted \(\textcolor{purple}{\text{ purple }} \) line. Similarly, the green acute triangle has its altitude perpendicular to the baseline and emanating from the point \(A,\) shown as a dotted \(\textcolor{green}{\text{ green } } \) line.


    Turned around, it might be easier to see that they share a common baseline and altitude!