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    Some people are a bit curious about tags.
    The tags are there to classify topics, and you can make one while writing a topic.
    Here’s how to do it:

    \( \color{red} \text{1.Create a}\) \( \color{black} \text{topic and its first post.}\)

    \( \color{blue} \text{2.Enter your tag name in the bottom in the }\)\( \color{gray} \text{Enter tags here}\) \( \color{blue} \text{section.}\)

    \( \color{green} \text{3.When you had posted your topic, go to the Forum homepage and click this icon.}\) 🏷

    \( \color{lightblue} \text{4.Click on}\) \( \color{gray} \text{the grey(or, American, gray) letters}\) \( \color{lightblue} \text{with your tag’s name.}\)

    \( \color{indigo} \text{5.You should find}\)\( \color {gray} \text{ your post!}\)013959E8-83FB-441A-BED3-7E4E4C802521.jpeg

    Hope this post helps! 🙂
    PS I put this topic in the RZ923 tag as well 😉

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    This is what happens when you enter this post:

    \( \color{cyan} \text{In} \) \( \color{orange} \text{Announcements:}\)

    \( \color{lightgreen} \text{Click on the}\) \( \color{gray} \text{topic (Test: Tags)}\) \( \color{lightgreen} \text{and scroll to the bottom. You should see}\) \( \color{gray} \text{this:}\)

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    @debbie I think this should be in the Announcement category, but I don’t know how to move this topic. Can you please move it to the Announcement category? Thanks 🙂

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    @RZ923 Thanks, this really helped!

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    @RZ923 Sure, I'd be happy to. Thanks for writing such an informative and detailed post. 🙂

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    @debbie Thanks for moving it 🙂

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    @RZ923 i dont get step 1 😢

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    @creativegoat Hi there! 🙂 If you've come directly from the course lessons, you don't see the "New Topic" button because you are already inside a post thread. In order to come out of your current thread, you can click on one of the parent categories listed on the top, which shows your location in the forum category structure.

    For example, the "Home" on the top of this page will take you to the set of main categories:



    If you get out of your current thread and into a parent category (and any parent category will do), then you will see the "New Topic" button either at the bottom of the list of main categories, or at the top preceding the list of topics in a given category.



    I hope this helps, and, if you're new to the forum, then a very big welcome to you! I hope you find this a useful and fun place! 🎉 🎉