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    Alice starts \(10\) mile west and \(20\) mile south of a campsite. Bob starts \(30\) miles east and \(15\) mile north of the campsite. They walk straight for the same distance, and meet exactly \(x\) miles east and \(y\) miles north of the campsite, coming from directions \(135^\circ \) apart. If \(x\) and \(y\) are both nonnegative, what is \(2x+y?\)

    How do you solve this problem?

  • MOD

    Hi @spaceblastxy1428!

    It is great that you a trying to analyze and think over the problems that you see!
    The Module 4 Day 13 Challenge problem was very well created by Prof. Po and the numbers there are pretty nice 🙂

    To begin with, if you are changing the angle between the directions where Alice and Bob are came from to the angle that are different from \(90^{\circ}\) (as well as \(180^{\circ}\)) it will be hard to find any tricks or nice answers if the other numbers in problem are not extremely nice and beautiful. So to solve this problem with random numbers will be complicated task.
    To solve it you will need to use geometric coordinate system and trigonometry together. You will learn how to do it in more advance classes.