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    Sir I have a question in a different topic. Please help me understand.

    Is there a way to find how much of something makes in a ratio. For example:

    If the ratio of Obi and Rudy is 3 : 5 and Obi puts $240 in his account. What part of the ratio $240 makes?

    The actual question is :

    Obi's money and Rudy's money in bank is in the ratio 3 : 5 . Obi puts $240 in his account and Rudy withdrew $350. This meant they now have the same amount in their accounts. How much did Rudy had at first?

    Thank you for help

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    Great question! How can you figure out what that $240 is doing to the ratio between their bank accounts?

    Notice that the problem tells you that after Obi and Rudy add and withdraw money from their accounts, their balances are the same.

    What we know about the ratio is that before either of them make changes, that ratio is 3:5.

    Try settings up an equation to model this. Before changing their accounts, we can call Obi's bank account 3x, and Rudy's bank account 5x, so that the ratio is 3:5. Can you figure out where to go from here?

    Happy Learning!

    The Daily Challenge Team

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    Thank you Sir. I got it.

    I model 3x + 240 = 5x - 350

    x = 295

    So, Rudy had 5 * 295 = 1475

    Thank you