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    The last one was a bit tricky! I forgot to do 210. 😞
    I like the learning and structure of how you teach me math though, I've learnt a lot, although I've got most of the questions right, you've told me lots of new strategies that I now know! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • MOD

    Hi @delightfulllama!
    Thanks a lot for your feedback! ♥ We are happy that you enjoy our Daily Challenge Course and find it useful.
    We try to create our course materials and structure so that we teach others not just how to solve one particular problem, but teach how one should think about it, in order to solve many other problems as well as learn different tricks and strategies that could be useful in the future!

    Making mistakes is normal! The question is how to use your mistakes to improve yourself and move forward.
    We are looking forward to hearing from you again! 🙂