The City of Santa Fe is using NOVID!

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    "The City of Santa Fe chose NOVID because it approaches pandemic response differently, by providing each person with their own “COVID radar” so they can protect themselves. This significant change in perspective not only keeps individuals safer, but helps the whole community as individuals protecting themselves actually reduce the spread."


    Mayor Webber says, “We’re excited the first vaccinations have arrived in Santa Fe, but until those are widely available, we need to continue to fight the spread of the virus by wearing masks, keeping our physical distancing and using good hygiene. Now, we also have the NOVID app that acts as an early warning system and a radar tool. I hope everyone in Santa Fe signs up for NOVID. It’s free, anonymous and helpful.”

    Developed by Carnegie Mellon University professor and world-renowned mathematician Po-Shen Loh, NOVID works with communities like Santa Fe to empower citizens to make informed decisions to help them directly avoid getting infected.

    "We're thrilled to work with the City of Santa Fe to pioneer this new paradigm in pandemic self-defense at city-scale," said Loh.

    NOVID is also partnered with Georgia Institute of Technology, Grand Valley State University, Carnegie Mellon University, and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia.

    Download the NOVID app for free in the Google Play or Apple App Store and enter the code ‘SANTAFE’ in the Settings page to start building your anonymous COVID radar today.

    Contact: Liz Camacho, Economic Development and Communication Administrator
    (505) 955-6042 or

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    @debbie Glad to see that an entire city is using the app y'all worked so hard on! Hoping that the pandemic dies down soon 🙂